High Speed Surface Machining of Localized Surfaces

  • SolidCAM's HSS provides smooth and powerful machining of localized surface areas and undercuts, using standard as well as shaped tools.
  • HSS provides easy selection of surfaces to be machined, without the need to define boundaries.
  • HSS provides significantly increased surface quality.
  • HSS is an essential module for every machine shop to machine all types of parts.

SolidCAM HSS Features 

SolidCAM HSS Parts for Download 

Total Tool Control to Machine Only the Areas You Choose

  • HSS takes your 2.5D machining way beyond profiles, pockets and faces, providing a 3D machining capability bydriving along specific surfaces on prismatic and 3D parts.
  • The HSS tool path works on single and multiple surfaces, creating a flowing tool path on a group of surfaces that make up a complex 3D radius (e.g. fillets).
  • Total tool control eliminates the need for constraint boundaries or time wasting construction geometry.
  • Use Tapered, Lollipop, or T-Slot tools forundercuts or difficult to cut geometry, all in one module.

Powerful Surface Machining Strategies for Smooth, Gouge-Free & Optimal Tool Paths to Finish Selected Surfaces

  • HSS provides numerous surface machining strategies, that produce anefficient, smooth, gouge-free and optimal toolpath to finish the selected surfaces.
  • HSS provides special tool path linking strategies, generating smooth and tangential lead-ins and lead-outs.
  • The linking moves between the tool paths can be controlled by the user to avoid holes and slots, without the need to modify the model’s surface.
  • Retracts can move along any major plane.

Advanced Gouge Control for Holder, Arbor & Tool

  • Complete Gouge Control is available for Holder, Arbor and Tool.
  • Multiple Adjoining Check Surfaces may be selected to create avoidance areas.
  • Several retract strategies are available.

Undercut Machining

  • SolidCAM provides powerful strategies to machine undercuts in a model.
  • Slot Milling tool, Lollipop tool and Dovetail cutters are supported in machining undercuts.
  • Complete gouge protection of the cutting area, leads, links, arbor and holder createssafe and efficient tool paths to machine undercut areas.