SolidCAM's Wire-EDM module supports Profile, Taper, 4X wire cut operations and built-in machine macros. Strategies with variable number of cuts, for various materials and wire types can be applied to different work piece thicknesses.

  • Punch, die and open contour cutting strategies
  • Support of 2x (XY) and 4x (XYUV) cutting
  • Exact machine kinematic definition and controller options stored in virtual machine file
  • Flexible technology database
  • Various options for thread points definition
  • Different corner treatment strategies
  • Tool path preview and a step-by-step simulation


  • 2D cuts of vertical walls
  • Support of open and closed contours
  • Custom stop-points for every cutting pass
  • Strategies for removing cores (burn out) for small holes
  • Special handling for external/internal corners
  • Automatic detection of dropped slugs created during the wire cut path


  • Cutting of walls with constant angle - applied to profile geometry
  • Preview of inclined surface during geometry definition
  • Absolute and relative output of U and V coordinates
  • Different inclination shapes at corners: Conical or Cylindrical
  • Filleted, V-shape, Circle and Groove shapes for internal/external corners

4-Axis Operation

  • The 4-Axis operation generates a Wire-EDM cut between two user-defined profiles that are located at different Z-depths
  • You can define the connection points between the profiles to control the wire path
  • You can also define stop points and change cutting conditions along the wire path


Custom macros available on the machine can be added to wire cut Machine definition. Also includes simple point geometry input and control of macro parameters.